Rail Signs.

We are one of the leading suppliers of signs across the Scottish rail network. Our team manufactures durable rail signs in aluminium, composite and plasticWith various methods of manufacture, our signs can be created for almost any application, including sleeper markers, trackside signage and user friendly directional signs for stations and car parks.


The volume of road and rail signs produced and supplied by us each year


The number of veterans and people with disabilities we employ in our factory


The length of vinyl used for our signage; enough to stretch from Aylesford to the Normandy beaches…and back again


The combined weight of all signs we produce annually in tons – the same as three Boeing 747s

Trackside Signs


From speed limits to warnings our signs are manufactured to order to the highest quality, from a whole range of off-the-shelf trackside signage from our comprehensive catalogue which has been a go-to resource for procurement professionals and engineers alike.


Our state-of-the-art machinery is able to produce signs efficiently whilst adhering to all appropriate safety standards.


We’re also able to offer a range of rail fittings and accessories to accompany signage for easily installation.

Safety & Station Signage


SBMC are vastly experienced in the survey, supply and installation aspects of station signage. We have worked with both train operating companies and contractors across Scotland on various schemes.


Alongside signage for train operators we provide signs to ensure the safety of both engineers and members of the public, including signage for pedestrians and vehicles to be used at level crossings where the safety of its users is paramount, our ability to produce railway signs along with our history of road sign manufacturing means we’re able to offer seamless and complete solutions for any rail project where a variety of signage is needed.

Etched Signs


Our State-of-the-art factory has the ability to produce signs on a variety of substrates. This gives us the ability to fulfil the needs of the railway industry when more durable signs are required for safety purposes.


We manufacture engraved signs which are suitable for use as identification plates, point labels and isolator switches where there is a need for visible and longer lasting clarity. Each sign is manufactured from durable laminate plastic which provides a long term solution ensuring reliable safety. We have a computerised engraving facility which enables us to add company names, logos, and crests onto almost any surface.

Who we supply

How we make our Road & Rail signs

We have decades of experience manufacturing signage and continue to invest in the latest printing and graphic technology to ensure that our signs are the highest quality on the market and that we have the ability to make them using an extensive range of materials. SBMC has manufactured signs for installation in every part of Scotland – from Berwick to Benbecula, Stranraer to Shetlan.