Commercial Signs.

Alongside our road and rail sign manufacturing abilities we’re also able to offer comprehensive solutions for commercial signage, no matter the application we will be able to work with you to produce high quality signs for your project. 

We can make internal and external signage for brand
implementation to wayfinding solutions for festivals and events, all whilst utilising a broad spectrum of materials to fit your requirements.


The volume of road and rail signs produced and supplied by us each year


The number of veterans and people with disabilities we employ in our factory


The length of vinyl used for our signage; enough to stretch from Aylesford to the Normandy beaches…and back again


The combined weight of all signs we produce annually in tons – the same as three Boeing 747s

Event & Brand signage

With clients such as Boeing, Bear Scotland and NHS we have the ability to produce signs for your project no matter its size. Our materials adhere to all relevant safety standards and regulations.

From music festivals to food festivals, sporting events to wayfinding signage for your retail or events premises, we can help you design, develop and manufacture signs to suit the needs of your organisation, including brand logos and design elements. 

Safety Signage

All buisnesses and organisations require signage to ensure the safety of its employees and members of the public. As an organisation we understand the importance of creating signs to suit the needs of your buisiness. We’re able to create signs for business tailored to the requirements, from both a branding and safety point of view. 

Who we supply

How we make our commercial signage

We have decades of experience manufacturing signage and continue to invest in the latest printing and graphic technology to ensure that our signs are the highest quality on the market and that we have the ability to make them using an extensive range of materials. SBMC has manufactured signs for installation in every part of Scotland – from Berwick to Benbecula, Stranraer to Shetland.