About Us.

Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company is a social enterprise and a market leader in the production of signs. Our state-of-the-art factory in Erskine is able to provide signage for a multitude of applications on various substrates. 

Over 100 veterans have benefitted from employment, volunteering, support or development opportunities


80% of our current team are veterans, veteran family members or have a disability

For over 50 years, RBLI have been creating innovative signage

£450k Invested in sign manufacturing since our launch in 2018

Our mission.

Our mission is to enable veterans and others with disabilities to regain their independence through personal development involving employment and skills. SBMC achieves this by providing employment, delivering nationally recognized training and qualifications with ongoing development opportunities for Armed Forces Veterans, their families and others facing barriers to employment in Scotland. We enable them to move forward in a supportive, professional workplace, delivering high-quality products and services such as road signs, rail signs and commercial signs using the latest technology and equipment available at the factory. This is in line with the mission of RBLI – our parent company founded over 100 years ago and it continues to drive us forward today.  

Who we employ on our team.

Supporting vulnerable veterans.

Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Co. is dedicated to employing hard working veterans and those with disabilities, creating a work place like no other. We have a proud history of helping those in need to provide them with meaningful employment and training. 

What happens when you purchase from us.

The Work We Do

Being a part of RBLI means when income is generated from our manufacturing operations at SBMC it goes directly into helping vulnerable veterans across the country. From finding suitable employment opportunities or helping them with mental health issues or accommodation.

“I have my confidence back; a real sense of purpose and I enjoy playing my part in this unique and successful social enterprise”

Team Leader

"I came to Scotland’s Bravest due to lack of opportunity. My experience in the Army and qualifications were recognised and valued"


Proud to provide a high-quality service.

A state-of-the-art factory delivering quality. 

At Scotland Bravest Manufacturing Co we provide high quality products at a fair price, all the while adhering to our values to support those in need of our help. By dealing with SBMC your helping us grow, in turn, generating social value to vulnerable veterans across the U.K

Are you convinced? They are.

 “…we don’t just work with SBMC simply because of the positive impact it has on society – the standard of service we receive and dedication to quality control is never undervalued by us.”

Mark Godsell
Commercial Director

“Our site signage contract is via the Supported Businesses Framework. We are delighted, but not surprised, to say that we are very satisfied with the service from Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company.”

Aileen Piacentini
More Homes Division

“SBMC have been supplying Dumfries and Galloway Councils, Roads Service with signage since December 2018. In this time we have found the service and quality of product to be of the highest standard.”

Stuart Caven
Team Leader, Road Network Management