Engraved Signs & Water-jet Cutting

Alongside our road and rail sign manufacturing abilities we’re also able to offer engraved signs and signs manufactured using a water cutting process.

We can make internal and external signage for brand
implementation to wayfinding solutions, all whilst utilising a broad range of materials to fit your requirements. 


The volume of road and rail signs produced and supplied by us each year


The number of veterans and people with disabilities we employ in our factory


The length of vinyl used for our signage; enough to stretch from Aylesford to the Normandy beaches…and back again


The combined weight of all signs we produce annually in tons – the same as three Boeing 747s

Custom Sign Engraving

Our state of the art engraving machine is able to produce signs to your specifications on a wide range of materials. We have created bespoke signage for Network Rail and The Queens Green Canopy. 

The Queen’s Green Canopy was a tree-planting initiative celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Each sign was engraved onto corten steel, specifically chosen for its environmental impact. We have also produced first of its kind safety signage for Network rail using our advanced engraving machinery and software, ensuring safety of employees for many years to come. 

Water-Jet Cutting

Using our state of the art water jet cutter we have the ability to produce products to your specifications. From parts for machinery and engineering applications to decorative products. We can work with you from design through to delivery of the product. Our water jet cutter is able to cut almost any material known to man and can be programmed to produce like-for-like objects minimising waste and time, beneficial when working with high quality materials such as marble, glass or steel.

Who we supply

How we make our commercial signage

From granite to steel, our water jet machine is able to cut almost any material on earth, this paired with our state of the art engraving machine means we can create custom signs for almost any application on almost any material. From stone street signs, to steel ceremonial plaques. Our skilled team can work with you throughout the process to develop