Our Team.

Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company has a team of committed hard-working men and women; many of whom have served our country or have a disability which impacts on their everyday life. Now they use their skills to provide high-quality service to customers across Scotland and the UK.


Neil – Team Lead

“Scotland’s Bravest has been great for me.  After years in a dark place, the opportunity to work here has really transformed me. I have my confidence back; a real sense of purpose and I enjoy playing my part in this unique and successful social enterprise”.


Neil, a former Scots Guardsman, joined Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company in September 2019. He had been out of work for several years having struggled with alcoholism.  This had taken over his life since leaving the Army.  His confidence was rock bottom when he applied but it was evident, he was committed to change and just needed the right opportunity. Since giving Neil that opportunity, he hasn’t looked back.  Neil is currently the team leader on the factory floor and the main Waterjet Operator. He is a key part in a close-knit team of veterans and civilians alike. Having come through the most difficult of times in his own life, it’s great to see him giving something back and supporting those newer members of staff or volunteers who are beginning their own journey with us.  He doesn’t shy away from his own past and his openness to talk about that is a positive influence on others.   Neil is working towards a Diploma in Manufacturing while at SBMC.

 Richay – Sales

“I came to Scotland’s Bravest due to lack of opportunity.   What I thought was a stop-gap before finding a job elsewhere, has become an interesting and rewarding career.  My experience in the Army as well as my qualifications, was recognised and valued.  This subsequently played a big part in opening a new role that I never imagined when I first stepped into the factory.  Throughout all of this, the business has also afforded me the flexibility to support my family through a challenging time.”

Richay served in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and in the Adjutant General’s Corps. He joined Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company in January 2020.  Despite completing a degree after his 12 years in the Army, opportunities remained limited and a job at SBMC came along at a time when he was becoming disillusioned.  The COVID 19 pandemic struck soon after his arrival but when the factory reopened, Richay like many others had to learn quickly to adapt to what had suddenly become a very busy manufacturing environment supporting Scotland’s response to the pandemic.  With business booming the need for another person in our sales team became a priority and, although he had not ever considered such a move, he clearly had the skills required to work in such a role and we encouraged him to apply. Richay proved to be the strongest applicant and has since evolved into a successful deputy in our sales team with ever-increasing autonomy in his day to day work.

James – Sales

“My job at Scotland’s Bravest is my first paid role since losing my legs on operations in Afghanistan in 2010. When I saw the role at SBMC advertised I contacted the business and was strongly encouraged to apply. Despite my early concerns about my injuries and a lack of experience I was fully supported and settled in well to the role. I now have a permanent contract. It’s great to be working amongst other veterans as part of a growing, successful business and completing recognised training”.


James served with the Royal Regiment of Scotland Reserve /Lowland Battalion TA. Like many reservists, he completed several operational tours of duty. In 2010, on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, the vehicle that James was commanding was hit by an IED. The injuries he sustained led to the loss of both of his legs below the knee and after years of treatment and rehabilitation he was discharged from service.

After several years out of the job market, James’ arrived at SBMC with understandable anxieties about his physical suitability and lack of manufacturing experience. As a disabled employee, we made sure that James was assessed by Access to Work and supported with the purchase of special seating. We also assured him that his lack of experience but his willingness to work was exactly why he had been offered the role in the first place.
James’ confidence in what he does at SBMC has increased, and he is now a vital part of the team – contributing to the manufacturing effort in several areas, driving essential delivery runs and chairing our staff forum. James’ is also working towards a Diploma in Manufacturing at SBMC.